Do I need an ABN?

Yes, you need a valid ABN to join the TidyMe network. Getting an ABN is free and takes no more than 15 minutes! Click on the big, yellow button here to get started. If you already have an ABN, please go ahead and complete your application here.

IMPORTANT: If you run into an error message while trying to submit your Australian Business Number (ABN), make sure the number you are submitting meet the requirements. These include:

  • the ABN is active
  • the ABN is under your name
  • the number provided is your current ABN number and not a temporary number

The system will validate this information with the Australian Government website and will allow you to proceed to the next step if the information provided is correct.

Commonly asked questions about ABN:

Do I really need an ABN?
Yes, you'll need an ABN. We'll need it to move onto the next stage of the application process.

I have a Tax File Number (TFN), not an ABN. What should I do?
Unfortunately, we're not able to accept your Tax File Number. Please ensure you provide a valid ABN number.

I've applied to an ABN, but I still don't have the number. What should I do?
If you haven't received your ABN number, or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Australian Business Registry. Please note temporary numbers won't be accepted.

I've recently applied for my ABN (1-3 days ago) and I am getting the error message "ABN must be registered under the exact name that you used in this application". What should I do?
Your ABN might not be active just yet. Please wait a couple of days and try to apply again or contact the Australian Business Registry . 

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