Do I need a Police Check?

Police check is an important document required to join our team and there are many ways to get one. Please be sure to upload your Certificate and the image is crystal clear.

Please note these documents will not be accepted:

- Receipt or Invoice of the background check application

- Application form of the background check

- Your provider tracking number or any screenshot of your application form with your provider 

- Expired Police Checks (most National Police Checks are valid for 24 months)

A note on privacy: TidyMe uses a third-party provider to process background checks. Click here to get started and receive your certificate in less than 48 hours! Sometimes, the third-party provider will have technical issues, and you might run into an error. If that happens, just sit tight and try again in a little bit; these issues are usually worked out quickly!

Common Questions:

I've applied for a Police Check, but I haven't received my certificate yet. Can I upload the document later? No, you will not be able to proceed to the next step without uploading your Police Check.

I don’t have a Police Check. What should I do? If you don’t have a Police Check, check here to get one. Unfortunately, we will not be able to approve you to the next step without a valid Police Check.

I received an email from TidyMe saying my Police Check is not valid. Why? All Police Checks are valid for 12 months, so please double check the date your certificate was issued so we can approve you for the next step! Check here to see which documents are accepted.

I’ve just received my Police Check. What should I do? That’s great news! Please log in and re-upload your certificate so we can approve you for the next step!

Example of a Police Check certificate below:

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