Do I need a Police Check?

Yes, you'll need a police check to join our team. Don't worry, they are easy to get! We recommend you apply through CV Check - you'll receive your police check quickly and it should cost $49.90

Here's what you need to know: 

  • You'll need a police check before you can get started - we'll reimburse you the cost of your Police Check (up to $49.90) when you've completed 3 jobs.
  • If you have a police check that is more than 24 months old, please upload it and we'll be in contact to let you know if we need you to renew it.
  • You must upload your Police Check certificate when you receive it. Please note; the documents below will not be accepted:

            - Receipt or Invoice of the background check application

            - Police Check application form 

            - Your provider tracking number or screenshots of your application form

A note on privacy: TidyMe uses a third-party provider to process background checks. Click here to get started and receive your certificate in less than 48 hours! Please note, some certificates may take a little longer, let us know if you haven't received yours within 1 week. 

Common Questions:

I've applied for a Police Check, but I haven't received my certificate yet. Can I upload the document later? Yes, we can proceed with your application however we'll need to receive your Police Check before you can go out on a job.

I don’t have a Police Check. What should I do? If you don’t have a Police Check, click here to get one. Let us know if you're having any difficulty. 

I received an email from TidyMe saying my Police Check is not valid. Why? All Police Checks are valid for up to 24 months, so please double check the date your certificate was issued so we can approve you for the next step! Check here to see which documents are accepted.

I’ve just received my Police Check. What should I do? That’s great news! Please log in and re-upload your certificate so we can get you to work asap

Example of a Police Check certificate below:

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