Do I need to pay any fees to join TidyMe?

There are no fees to join TidyMe! However there are a few costs you'll need to be prepared for, see below:  

  • Police Check - you'll need this to complete your TidyMe application. A police check should cost you no more that $49.90. Click here for your National Police Check.
  • TidyMe insurance - accidents can happen on the job, so insurance is important. Don't worry, we have you covered. You can choose to work under TidyMe's insurance for just $8 a week. Fees are deducted weekly.
  • Cleaning products - you won't need your own equipment, however you will need youmost of our customers prefer you use their cleaning equipment and products. However it is good to have a back up kit with cleaning products and some spare clothes.
  • Damage, Cancellation or No-Show fees - we hope these things don't happen. But when they do there may be fees associated. Please go to TidyMe Rules and Guidelines to learn more. 

Common asked questions:

Do I need a police check? Yes, all crew members must have a police check. However we know they sometimes take a little time. If you would like to get to work, but are still waiting on your police check please send us a message to let us know.

What is Public Liability Insurance? Click here for more details!

Do I really need a Public Liability Insurance? Yes, all crew members must have Public Liability Insurance. If you already have one, you will be required to upload your policy in the system.

I already have insurance, do I need to use TidyMe's insurance? Not at all! Just send us a copy of your insurance certificate.

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