Which fees do I need to pay to join TidyMe?

After you complete all the steps in your application process, you will be required to input your credit card details to pay a $45 starter kit fee and if you don't have your own Public Liability Insurance, we can connect you with our service provider for only $8 per week.

Your kit will include:

1. Method Floor cleaner 

2. Method Glass and Surface cleaner

3. Method All Purpose cleaner

4. Method Bathroom cleaner

5. TidyMe t-shirt

6. TidyMe tote

Common asked questions:

I have my own cleaning products. Do I really need to pay $45? Yes, some customers have allergies or newborns and you will be required to use eco-friendly cleaning products. This is also a starter fee that you need to pay to join TidyMe. 

Can I add other products to my cleaning kit? Sure thing! You are welcome to purchase other products of your preference, but please ask your customers if they are fine with it (especially strong chemicals such as bleach, mould sprays, etc).

What is Public Liability Insurance? Check out here more details!

Do I really need a Public Liability Insurance? Yes, all crew members must have Public Liability Insurance. If you already have one, you will be required to upload your policy in the system.

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